Ray’s Rose City Comic Con Experience

Ray’s Rose City Comic Con Experience

Sep 19

This week is gonna have more awesome than I can properly convey here. Not only will ConQuest be shooting it’s debut episodes at Rose City Comic Con but they will be packed with great interviews, fan interaction, products and more stuff that I’m really looking forward to doing.

No spoilers or teasers here but trust me when I say we’re gonna be all over it!

In addition to the great interviews Jeff and I plan to bring you, our homie James will be bringing you all the news from the gaming floor! He’ll be play testing, interviewing and showing us all the action and product from that side of RCCC! Yeah I’m definitely gonna let the fanboy flag fly this weekend! Oh don’t forget, starting Friday night ConQuest will be live tweeting (@Con_Quest_Show) from the pre-con parties, straight through Saturday at the con and Saturday night’s cosplay contest!

This is gonna be a weekend to remember! Thanks for all the love and support ConQuesters and remember…Fortune favors the brave!

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